Whats really going on (spiritual T.Is)

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Whats really going on (spiritual T.Is)

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Decoding the Harvest - updated
The fourth dimensional en-(tities) plug themselves through the 3rd dimension, and start mass abduction scenario also via replacing people mostly they come after the T.Is, Holistic Doctors or any important figures and replace them with counterfeits or literally disguise themselves as people, after being ritualistically murdered.
http://www.cropcircleconnector.com/anas ... 2014m.html
just trying to show how the harvest looks like and its been going on for ages, they kill human population but they leave out the organic portals to hunt the population and keep everyone enslaved under NWO.

The New Earth is fake, don't fall for the trap GTFO out of the DOME & EDEN like real Christ did/
Kept as a battery your new bodies where they keep you alive in a vessel in some type of container and put you with a disease so no one has the ability to think. You are put back to that dream state unless you become an obedient slave again in your sub-conscious likely a sleep for a 1000years, while being juiced out daily.
If you wake up in the fourth-dimensional reality and the different vessel or your original vessel they put you back to sleep.
I'll try to expose that.
Other types you can become a zombie or something or even be abducted and it goes on & on.
Also every time you eat animals your actually eating yourself, what it means by that these frackin cat beings clone you and then feed you your clones. Now you understand, that's the price ?
Theirs this movie called Cloud Atlas, I didn't watch it but was allowed to see some special clips it explains the frackery going on with the clones and lords of karma (arkons).
They kill you and herd you like funky chicken, bouk* bouk* bouk* just as you go to KFC to buy yourself chicken-wing sandwich

We live in there World DEFEATED.

Praying is Demonic, I'll get into that more.
Clue: Pray / Prey
You become a Prey when you pray to any Matrix entities, and when the rapture happens in your uni-consciousness these parasitical beings known as Toxoplasma come after you. And you will most definitely not escape, if you do then they got plans.

Organic Portal Synthetic Reality
This is your true reality of this stupid ass poo prison plan-et, everything already happened you maybe survivors that haven't been harvested yet via rapture and that's good news. unless your dead and reading this, as a body-double scripted programmed individual. What happened, already happened you can call this the great time loop of the Demicunt.

Time-Loop = Lake of Fire
I hate time-travel? why am I in a time-loop?! -guy in the lake of fire
For refusing to bow to the Beast, and not accepting the mark.
You died and came back to life back to the same year you was born on your mother wombs in the modern era now this is the matrix-simulation and really unfair one.

Some good research I found here, "Taplining" I think it may have something to do with clones & sleep paralysis?
I'll be investigating.

Sleep Paralysis -
Its all demonic attacks, all of them. Its no coincidence that when i stay away from EMFs nothing happens no digital entities can attach themselves through me. Just to those that say, its attuning frequency with your higher self lol It isn't I see these beings with my god damn eyes.
They can mind control with this & even kill you via conscious hack, if you're a high level threat like myself then you will be blacklisted obviously. But i think i go won't down without beating the living daylight out of tons kitty archons.
What happens is that these demonic entities find holes in your aura, since its damaged & at that time weakened so they find your weakness then can attach into you through one of holes and suck out and pull out your soul (optional), instead of you experiencing your life at they experience yours. Also this could have something to do with DNA altering aswell. It may have something to do with organic portal synetic reality, beware so you get don't shift into there dimension of timezone of pure pain & strange behavior.

There was a time, where eye floaters didn't exist. I never see floaters, perhaps when chemtrails came around the area it became surreal. These can be associated with parasites, even toxoplasmosis is heavily involved you can check it yourself. You can see these things in clear sunlight, the doctors will tell you its normal now, where as 10years ago they tell you its not normal to have these things in your eyes seems very odd & suspicious.

Soul Scalping

Ringing in the Ears
Sometimes its just Tinnitus, majority time its demonic attacks or someone chatting something negative about you, which still is an assault .
All these new age beliefs about these spirit guides or whatever angelic beings are all demonic, these are all Archons or Organic Portals working on you with high tech. When you hear that ringing in the Ears, they want to know what your upto.These archons aren't playing games, you better wield the armor of the God; you will know him within. They work 24/7 on each individual and experiment on people.

Soul Catcher Technology/Soul Theft & Dream Hack
When you die, theres some type of A.I grid system and through this computer thing it lets them know your location if you go disappearing.
They come up with this karmic bs they judge you through this, just make sure you don't accept there offer they time-travel and predicts ones future or past life which it all turns out to be false. Do not go into the Light, and avoid the Black Hole these are just another tons of traps.
Jinn 99.9% are incorrect at times, since they're a malfunctioned parasitical abomination. They steal information from T.Is and those that they successfully assassinated then they falsify that information with 1000 lies with maybe some truth mixed to it.

Morgellons & Nanoites Tracking Technology
They have everything to do with it, whats actually happening is the fourth dimensional harvest and the more evolved pre-adamites are using archons to remove the beneficial people into the para-site called Eden where they can juice you out and put people that speak back in a soul-container in the underworld if you really negative about them, none of the entities are your friends. none of them, if you worship the external you will be damned forever worshiping trans-dimensional A.Is.

Ferronic Warfare & the Archonic Angelic hierarchy of Blame Game
These are all Archons, they're all cat-like beings and they envy humanity on anything despite. examples: (Ishtar, Bastet, Demicunt, Lions of Judah), cats are gifts from the gods to the pre-adamites and are double agent they watch & spy on people.
All pagan superstitions are pre-adamic beliefs of mass retardation. The Gods heard you, the Goddess come to you assist you battle other Gods or here to kill you for insulting.

Also they even got that disease called toxoplasma an ancient archonic parasite that takes control the splinter of the mind, thats why people are obsessed with bumsex, twerking & other lustful desires that have something to do with bum, because the occult worship the arse of Ishtar the Queen of Cats, she disguise as reptilian skin but they're cat people in truth, that's why lions = Lie Ons are a major symbol of Inanna Ishtar, look here i prove it
Most places with no cats are successful ever notice this. She is also the woe of babel, but i call the toilet queen that rides the cat dragon with 7 head.
It might explain why plumbers go missing everyday :(
This the real truth behind transhumanism, they don't want to use toliet cause cats are scared of water to shit in. Why else for microchips, and why do they want to know if you go toliet? i need investigate and know truth right now.

Timetravel Equivalence being used on T.Is
Yeah, you heard it boys we will be going to war with those who came from the "future" actually alternate dimensions of counterfeits lol that's part of the last battle of Armageddon the counterfeits with super mutant powers from another reality.
Have you ever noticed why they always come with the excuse of why this timeline is special and why they're here and this & that.
Because its all lie, either they're counterfeit version of people and come straight from the Abyss, these are called the duplicates and other different
counterfeits with "different versions of you" which is another lie. They are all demons and they steal stuff, and maybe dna/blood to impersonate you. This the image of beast, the impersonator with satanic superpowers.
Supposedly these organic portal (pre-adamites), are given weapons of manipulation and access by these Archons these fourth dimensional toxo-parasitical entities cause they're easily possessable.
I forgot to say this one
Do not worship these external Gods, these are toxo-demons. Once you stop with the worship they start dying. All them are parasites, and supposedly these pre-adamites are background characters causing all the trouble and there population is bigger then the sands of the sea.
You see all those Gods & Goddesses refer to Lions & Lionesses, that eight pointed star represents them and the felic satanic world order & Sirius star is also demonic which redirects to them.

Project Bluebeam, 5G, Hydron-Colliders & Mandela Effect goes together for the digital entities from the Abyss and even physical.

Project Bluebeam & the 5G , Agenda 21 is all part of Feline NWO
Beware of Hidden Weapons of Babylon, Sirius, Egypt & Vatican's they got soul-stealing tech, that's why cats were worshiped they even look like those grey aliens.

Moon is a gate to Hell, thats all i can say and can be used to steal souls.
I'll post video from 2circles though its been removed. Update:found it!

Fourth Dimension
Those beings are trapped right here, and soon they will brake out and the numbers are the sands of sea. and they got red eyes aswell.
They've got your original vessels here, and in the city named Zion is where people live the pre-adamic elites known as the "Eloa People/Elohim" and this you & your pod with your identical true Twin-flame, your sister half or brother, pretty much like the dark elves. see it yourself.
Your literally held hostage like ancient time now.
About your bodies its a defected hybrid Nephilim, you aren't though not your soul.
You have to brake your other half, your evil carnivore/omnivore Vessel.
The great Saturn energy and pre-adamic toxoplasma affection protozoa of manifestations.
4D exists within Illusive Time & Space. So its all water outside.
Also that means 7Heavens/Hells are closer to the same place, the duality trap.

Positivity - Heaven
Negativity - Hell


IF any of you real T.Is would like to assist on our mission then,
1. You can start of with eating no living animals, this one of the mark of the beast. I know high vibration is pain, but one must adapt. They will start dieing and cannot come even close you so you have better connection to the creator.
2. Rebuke any new age nonsense and all pagan ideology (tarots, magic, astrology, tattoos, numerology etc...)
3. Stay away from Negative Sines (anger, hate, fouled mouth)
4. No Orgasm or Masturbation/Pornography or Looking at dirty things
5. Avoid sex it can become a demonic act unless you re-direct your energy to your (soul)mate
6. Do not interact with NPCs and avoid huge crowds of people because they can become part of your reality and may even try to attach and suck out your life-force energy field
7. Be Wary of Black Magic & Witchcraft other demonic arts (martial arts is demonic also)

One more thing, every time you masturbate your sperm is being stolen or when have wet dream that's your sperm/spirit energy being stolen to create demonic offspring so better pray to God & call upon angels to get those sperm back. Examples: Succubus
They aren't playing games and once you lose everything, they kill you.
Two method Solution:
- Use a Black Tape
- Bless Oil over the private parts
- Take a piss before going sleep


Pre-Adamites = Organic Portals (This scary truth)
Jinn = Archons, Fallen Angels, Nephilim/Nephalem etc... -
Jinn to Humans. Gods to pre-adamites.*
You been here for only 6000yrs remember that, the pre-adamic history goes further back to 50,000yrs*
Black Magic, Witchcraft & Archons are all associated, even that programmable black goo.
Duplicates/Clones - Copied False versions of you from another dimension, being used by Archons to replace & kill you. (Know This)
Crystal & Quantum tech that can see into the future outcomes, is equivalent to time-travel its possible outcomes which is fake. (Be Aware of This)

These are not really that much sensitive topics, but everyone has the right to know this. You won't go through all this again in another lifetime.
All soulless creatures won't benefit from this information so you need to know,
most soulled people going for these worship days are willing giving there energy to satan/saturn.
You can wake up, earth is an mental asylum prison flat plane anyway and that is true whether you agree or disagree.
This your stuck in a 3rd/4th Dimensional Cube of simulation/assimilation. Once you realize who you are.
These parasites of karmic BS have no authority over you.
If you don't, you get unplugged from your true self, excluding the higher self/counterfeit "holy spirit" etc that's you may get stuck in the 5th dimension damned forever as negative entity, and be dissolved when the reset happens.
And theirs no returning to God.

I can't explain everything in one go or in order, but i got topics you should search up yourself I've doing my duty to warn all you real T.Is, now lets finish the job.
I am telling you everything i know from my 6yrs of hellish experience, so use this info- assist other T.Is.

Hope this gives you a fast boost, I'll be updating info- here monthly.
So you benefit and resist, pre-adamic or archonic agenda [they control alien collectives by the way]

Know this, the kingdom of Creator* is within you. Bless all true T.Is, stay strong to your inner light. Peace


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