Does anyone remember Childhoods End 2015 tv show?

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Does anyone remember Childhoods End 2015 tv show?

Post by zevp4368 » Mon Oct 07, 2019 6:10 pm

Childhoods Ends (2015) mini-series's_End
What if we are the leftovers all real conscious T.Is & the world already ended, could it explain deja-vu or some reset?
just showing this what if new-earth is all another imprisonment and Enoch is a false prophet, it ignores everything from all judeo/christian religions, I was thinking if they deceivers are infact the demons of the annunaki/archons/ jinn /fallen angel just different names are fourth dimensional invaders.

please comment below I like to hear what anyone says on this, it might explain this so called "144,000" prison cage of new Jerusalem is actually a reset just like that movie Cube Zero, where they abduct T.Is and put them on a Box. I think this is related to these counterfeit spirits, put the originals in a soul containers for this matrix to keep going on and create counterfeit spirits roaming around the "New-Earth" as so called "Gods" ...

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