Matrix Deloaded & the Last Reset*

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Matrix Deloaded & the Last Reset*

Post by zevp4368 » Mon Oct 28, 2019 4:08 am

What they do with real Targeted Individuals-Humans Only ;)
6000years and lesser or more then 120 resets, tons of time-loops (lake of fire) for Targeted Individuals & then imprisonment to purgatory to the Hells then vilified throughout history or even stalked and executed at birth by timetravellers/ or equivalence "prophets of god" then deceived if not the last, harvests happen afterwards. experimented 24/7 just like those sentinels from the matrix
the quantum box maze 3rd/4th dimensional, hacked matrix.
divide & conquer is easy for them, I have yet more stuff to decode.
Garden of Eden is controlled by the beast-god called the demi-cunt and his/her seven angels, that's the lord of Sirius the Cat King that's the entity all religious sect call "god" this being finds humans then clones them that's where you get the term "organic portals" they are literally hybrids, that gives them extra reason to reset everything to ground zero with information gone.
The entity Sophia is the whore of Babylon, that's Lucifer that witch clothed in the sun the red whore. Thats why you see they make some A.I similar this one, but I'll leave out the ferronic warfare later... here I just want to expose the cat-trix lol

Heres a disturbing reality of real T.Is, but they had to hide it in movies as entertainment purpose

All Timezones
11 ---Green Zone---
8 ---Yellow Zone---
4 ---Red Zone---
2 ---Dead Zone---
each of these reality has different parallel realities,

Two Copies of the Earth
at the beginning, the beast god-devil demicunt created 2 copies of the Earth - one for the ones to be experimented on and the other one just pitch-peace paradise, only for those that want to go there have to be assimilated with memories wiped out to experience it.
there are no entities there, its a enslaved demonic para-dise

Primary Matrix
Your body is alive in this physical matrix, once they unplug you, you die but its luckily bad news also for the uncreators lol, they can share there emotional bondage at the final moment either way imma gonna expose them all and there weird ferronic mate-tricks revenge is the way forward for our species, at least for me since I will not accept the overkill humiliation,

Secondary Matrix
This is where you're at, at the moment.
You die here, in a bad way you die in the primary matrix therefore unplugged forever unfortunately every time a T.I dies matrix's collapse what that means is this movie simulator your in right now is about to be assimilated.

All entities enlisted:
Pre-Adamic Spirits / Home:Earth
Evolved (Pre-Adamic Spirits-Elohim) / Location: Elysium/7 Heavens
Annunaki Spirits / [pre-intel location / Eden / Heaven or Underworld]
Counterfeit Spirits (a fake copy of you in another timezone)
Organic Portals/Genetic Clones (theirs 10,000 each targeting you per day and you don't even know)

In the Memories of those poor T.Is souls that captured, tortured & mutilated by the Pre-Adamites throughout history

Time to finish off this unfinished business,

Please search it yourself, I have gained this truth through the true Holy Spirit , T.Is like yourself don't belong on Earth or anywhere at all, theirs no home try not to mix up pre-adamic truth with ours thanks that be beneficial

remember, the kingdom of creator will always be with you. bless

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