Soul Scalping, Counterfeits, Clones & Demonic Offspring

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Soul Scalping, Counterfeits, Clones & Demonic Offspring

Post by zevp4368 » Sun Jan 19, 2020 7:40 pm

Hi, everyone.
I got some really important info- here.

Soul Scalping
Soul Scalping is real and they can pull your soul out, out of your body and replace you with someone else. You as a T.I are put in a soul-container and kept alive and dissolved. Three years ago, I experienced all this. Since then I left my religion.
I merely escaped via using tools.
What they do is remove your soul and they can do it mostly when you go to sleep. Prefer to stay away from EMF, buy an EMF detector. Soon I'll be making these gargets soon for cheap price for everyone.
This maybe related to sleep paralysis.

Counterfeits are similar to clones, actually a Matrix-Quantum-Virus. More like a replacement, so the story goes as planned. They aren't real but a fake trash bin-can without soul. They aren't just an over-exagerrated trash but they are an example of what you could of been. (a whore)
So these parrallel realities are causing a huge problem no wonder everyones a sleep,

Blood & DNA is taken from the individual then created in underground Labs. Brain scan may include (sleep paralysis) an experiment for demonic test runs. Solution Found behind who selling T.Is out. Pre-Adamic Humanity, race of of similar humanoids but work along with Annunakis/Archons/Jinn etc... more info- will be listed here soon.

Demonic Offspring
Heres a really good research I found here, credit goes to this guy here. ... s.html?m=1
Demons are stealing your sperm/semen to make an demonic off-spring.

Hint: The World is a giant playground MMO for Satyrs
Choose your Vessal: Alien Collectives

How they Materialise: Either by possessing a host (take out 1 at a time), collecting semen or blood to make clones or etc... or whatever dna samples thats found/ or by having sex the newborn baby may be a soul-less demonic figure this is actually how it happens. There is possible chance that the newborn is actual person but replaced and stolen to the underground.

Four types of Demons:
Pre-Adamic Spirits (under satan) - part of ancient blasted children series
Ugly Djinn - sinners

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