Hollywood Subliminal Hatred

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Hollywood Subliminal Hatred

Post by zevp4368 » Thu Mar 19, 2020 11:51 am

Hollywood Subliminal Hatred???

Its talking about the North pole, Garden of shitting arse.
The pre-adamic humanity, and worship of the occult mother goddess Lucifer mother Earth.
Those serpentine like creatures are representing the Seraphim.
Na'vi are representing the Pre-adamites, those large sized humanoid creatures from the jungos.

What this clip doesn't tell you is that, those Na'vi people are actually the pre-adamites before humanity apparently invaded there world for resources in peace, those giant trees and big jungos are where they lived in harmony in peace by devouring each other and shating on the floors for nice clean environments.

The pre-adamites want to show marctow (revenge). We can stop this invasion, this horrible evil demonic invasion, evil treachery and dumass pagan gods goddesses, this evil abomination... that will take place between there kind and ours. Revenge is not the way, you can't beat us, we own you. We always win, will always get best killstreak.

With the power of Snickers! It will prevent any pre-adamic demons & djinn and evil things entering the kingdom of the lord and send them back to special need place. Arywoaaaa me soo dum and hungary, we are a dying race.
Me: Then die more, let me double the damage.

Feeding the alien-techno-union retarded fat harlotic elites in the pits of Hell a massive sized snickers and also for these ugly basterd demonic offspring creatures.
Note: It should be enough to fend of against these damn ugly wild beast of field before these things really start to invade this world.

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