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Posted: Thu Dec 17, 2020 7:33 pm
by rssbot
I'm asking for everyone to read this all the way through. Its more important than you know and I'm going to go ahead and tell you a few things you can verify before even asking you to trust the rest of what im telling you. Do you think celebrities are real? Actors and actresses. To consider: do a search for Helen pierce. View some of the images and then do another search on Jane lynch. Again, take a look at some of the images. Two people? Or a digital of one or both? If you think you're seeing 2 different people, do another search... Harris yullin. Scroll through some pics. Then check out Jack Nicholson. Now ed Harris. 3 different people or no? Try Laura Linney and then Meryll Streep. And Jennifer Anniston... Christina Applegate. See any similarities? I think so. Jason Bateman and Robert Herjavec. Possibly robin Williams. Now do Chevy Chase and John travolta. Oh... and this one is a hum dinger... actually the first one I noticed. Years ago. Lil wayne and Rudy huxtable (I can't recall her real name but you'll get there) another shocking one which was the second I noticed but the first I actually took seriousky...Billie Eilish and Tekashi 69. You'll need to do some screening on that. Meaning flip through more of the pics and see the similarities in the way they dress, the way they pose and the overall demeanor you see of each person. Let's move on to music. That's another story. Because there are people behind the image you see on YouTube, television and even in person believe it or not. (I'll explain more about that shortly) Young Jeezy and Yo Gotti. Same person? Sounds like it. Looks like it too. Michael Jackson died in 2009 or 2010 (you can check to specify) The weeknd came out in 2012. Hear his remake of dirty diana. Sounds to me like an altered version of the same song. Check skip marley... this is clearly Bob Marley and there is a song with a female artist that is clearly Lauryn hill. (Similar to "turn your lights down low" by Bob Marley and Lauryn hill) Mary j bilge and fantasia. Rihanna and Macy Gray. (Listen to love on the brain and you'll hear what I'm talking about.) There's a song by rapper Logic ft. Eminem. In the beginning of the video they say "ems not gonna be able to make it. I haven't heard from him in a couple of weeks. Said he was going up north. Then another guy comes in and says "hey.. don't worry. We have a body double for him. We are gonna have one for you too. It'll be great." Now go read through eminems lyrics and see what you don't hear when you're listening to his songs. He has been trying to tell us something for a long time. He has been experiencing what's known as MK ULTRA. Google it. CIA... MK ULTRA. I would elaborate but I'm in a hurry. If you look into it you'll get the facts. His song "rap God" says "they say I rap like a robot so call Me rap bot. Rap bot. But if I rap like a computer it must be in my genes... you can read the rest but I'm going to take things that are relevant to me bc I've been going through the same exact thing. MK ULTRA for a LONG time. If it hadn't been for him, I would have never felt that there was anyone else out there who could relate to what I've gone through. Anyway... at the beginning of rap god he says something's wrong. I can feel it. (Six minutes six minutes.) Then six minutes shady you're on. (666) Another one of his songs (the one that's like two trailer park girls go round the outside) he says something about being shocked when he's not cooperating and strapped down while the doctor is operating. Now I'm back I'm on the rag and I'm ovulating. Like electroshock treatment. A form of torture during mind control for anyone not giving tree CIA what they want. Mk ultra. Back and on the rag and ovulating. Forced sex change maybe? If body doubles are used... Who would believe them if that were happening? My husband doesn't look like the same person. My son doesn't look like the same person. I'm posting this now and ill post more shortly. Gonna get this out for now submitted by /u/Nice-Manufacturer-23
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