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I need an answer pls read

Posted: Mon May 11, 2020 5:02 pm
by rssbot
First of all I'm sry if this is hard to read but I'm really disturbed rn so it's hard for me to type but I NEED an answer. (In gonna post this on multiple subreddits) I had a conversation with my mom a few minutes ago . And we talked about how I used to smoke weed and that she knows more about me than I think. Then she said that she also knows about those "creepy calls" and I said "what do you mean I don't remember any creepy calls" ,then she explained that about 3-4 years ago she found voicemails on my phone that were from some women and the woman basically told me in a really nice tone , that I can rest when she's finished with me and that people can cry about me being dead and stuff like that but like really friendly . And she said there was more to it but she can't exactly remember she also said it sounded like we used to talk alot . The thing is no matter how hard I try I can't remember anything. This was also in the time period where I did alot of drugs , was depressed and used to cut myself ( I was about 14-15) but I only know that I did those things ,but I can't remember a single day from that time period. I need to know if anyone knows about stuff like that or has a similar experience . I'm freaking out rn pls I need an answer . submitted by /u/drugsaregoodbutbad
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