"Psychoinformatics" & psychological warfare/operations against targets

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"Psychoinformatics" & psychological warfare/operations against targets

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One thing is very clear: they want to both provoke reaction - a state of mind - & collect data about the reaction. There are new fields of science called "Psychoinformatics" which is a big part of this which is partly linked to "Neuroinformatics": Psychoinformatics is an emerging interdisciplinary field that uses principles from computer science for the acquisition, organization, and synthesis of data collected from psychology to reveal information about psychological traits such as personality and mood. [1] Psychology has historically relied on experiments and questionnaires in order to collect data. These methods face several disadvantages, namely that experiments often consist of a small quantity of users (who must be incentivized to participate) and self-reported questionnaires and interviews are subject to bias and unreliable memory. Psychoinformatics solves these problems by storing Big Data related to psychology (such as communications on smartphones or social media websites) and then data mining for relevant psychological information. Neuroinformatics is the field that combines informatics and neuroscience. Neuroinformatics is related to neuroscience data and information processing by artificial neural networks. [1] There are three main directions where neuroinformatics has to be applied: [2] --the development of computational models of the nervous system and neural processes.--the development of tools for analyzing and modeling neuroscience data,--the development of tools and databases for management and sharing of neuroscience data at all levels of analysis It is intimately linked to psychological warfare / surgery that I have pointed out for several years. They mix in many methods & it is complex to figure out exactly what it is from the outside: whether it is an experiment (research) or a psychological operation for some positive or negative purpose. Usually such alleged experiments last as long as they can with budget or the possibility to collect data & at the same time influence the subject to collect data afterwards. The whole thing is about conveying & --forcing-- exposing targets to information (stimuli) so that it evokes a reaction which is then dismissed by the environment but the environment has received the part of the information that they use to play brain games with a target & collect data from the reaction in different ways. In this perspective, they want to put targets in specific states of mind & beliefs and then collect data on behavior & change as well as reaction. What is at the forefront of this type of research is to collect data via behavior recorded on computer & mobile phone where the phone is probably tapped. The goal is scientific in understanding different aspects both about an individual in itself & in a larger perspective if it is now about psychology, psychiatry & the brain. Data can also be used in other areas such as analyzing belief & behavior change in how Christian --religion-- is affected by e.g. technological development. However we look at it, the mobile phone & computer are fully or partially tapped & tracked for the purpose of the experiment / operation so society & the state obviously support. This is illegal & I strongly doubt that Swedish authorities know about it but it is done secretly by a third party (eg from the US) who plays games with several sides which includes Swedish authorities. I have offered several SEK 10,000 to two of my friends to reveal the whole thing & gather evidence and to testify in court. However, it is not a lot of money for them or me. However, this is part of the whole. It may be that they collect & use data in a similar way as described above. What they do is known as many things & it all depends on where one sets the limit on how far those responsible go. In the most basic case, it is a psychological operation / experiment that has the intermediate goal of collecting & using data in real time or near real time to perform influence operations on a person via the help of his environment.
  • Brainwashing with crap information online or by spreading lies or making sociacircles gas-light
  • Allude to the misery, faith, insecurity, mental illness, etc. of targets. ...
  • Go to the church / God, go to the psych ward / psychiatrists, go to the police, go to the media - outcome can be anything but the operation will continue because the goal is to follow the development & influence it!
I still have to pay attention that they allude extremely much to belief systems & religion because most people blindly believe in it. My friends during the time this started seriously were smart & well educated (at least a master's degree) & yet they agree to it which indicates that it is not simple manipulation they use but more incentives & motivation when it comes to the closer social circle. Regarding my family, they allude to several fears & motives because they have been persuaded in the beginning to help in the operation & then they are stuck in a shitty position because their psychological operation against me failed so I am fully aware of what they are doing. Sadly, they still have contact with the responsible group & listen to them, which I notice from time to time. I think they will never give up whether it's an experiment or an operation sponsored by the state, a cult, whatever. This is bigger than it seems & it's not about a couple of "stalkers" but invisible infrastructure that coordinates it. The whole thing is deliberately misleading so targets should start believing in online propaganda that was initially created by professionals in psychological operations. By and large, data collected can be used for anything & thus it is valuable regardless of outcome & that collection takes place as long as the person lives or is connected & stays in the community. That's the disgusting truth. Then we have those who I think are professionally employed to scout & influence online. You know who you are here on the forum. Your main goal is to use online propaganda that will brainwash us & make us believe in wrong things and then convince us that we are mentally ill. This is what they do: make healthy people mentally ill through de facto psychological warfare & i.a. "gaslighting". Then they want them to visit the psyche or seek psychological help even though the whole thing is artificially settled via psychological operations via data collected illegally for the purpose of harming a person psychologically & actually in the brain. Dr James Giordano can be a main character in the whole thing - his research is at the forefront of everything that is seriously talked about in these forums. He & such "scientists" want to use information to diagnose people based solely on informatics, which means data collected via mobile & computer. The best way they do this is to provoke a target in different ways to collect data afterwards, which they use to create deeper psychological profiles. Then they can lie & tell half-truths to test theses or experiment. This requires that they involve society in it under simple, non-criminal terms, such as experiments conducted or supported by a state sponsored by a third party. These are just a few thoughts on medical informatics. Informatics (in addition to business administration) is something I studied at university before I realized that the operation was active so it could be a coincidence. These people like Dr. Robert Duncan & Dr. Katherina Horton WANT to make a career of claiming to know about secret things. They want to give the impression that they can & know more than they actually do. They can EVEN pretend to be vulnerable & it's obvious then. The whole shit is not grounded in the truth. submitted by /u/Undefined2020
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