You're not being gang-stalked. You are having a psychic awakening as part of the ongoing evolution of the human race on

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You're not being gang-stalked. You are having a psychic awakening as part of the ongoing evolution of the human race on

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Okay, so let me help you. ​ The truth is: ​
  • There is no organized, human effort to target you.
  • Most of the effects you experience are explained by: a. Your energetic field is so powerful it interacts with the people around you causing them to act weirdly (get stuck in place, double back, gravitate toward you, adopt jerky movements, cough, banging in their apartment, follow you, etc). b. Your psychic precognitive abilities are so strong that you get signal data on people around you who are about to start acting weird, or who you will see later, and you misinterpret that as that person knowing something about you and crowding you, but in fact, it's just you precognitively knowing they will become annoying to you in a few minutes or later in the day. c. Your sensitivity to the energy of others is so strong, you get a weird feeling when around other people. You are experiencing (but not clearly interpreting) the emotional, mental and karmic data of that person. You get the 'life imprint' of a person as they pass by you. It's an overwhelming psychic signal. It is not a psionic weapon, it is just your natural psychic ability.
  • Because this is not about others, this is about you, you need to find ways to harness and develop your psychic gifts. You need to learn to process the signal data you are getting. You need to learn to harness and use the energies you are sensitive to.
  • You are not special. This is a result of the human race evolving to express psychic phenotypes in a large proportion of the population. The same pattern (people feeling they are mysteriously harassed) has played out on every planet where the sentient species develops psychic gifts through evolution. As a result of many factors, psychic genes have been switched on in many members of the population, and people are unprepared for the impressions they receive through their new senses. This leads to misinterpretation and misclassification of these experiences. Don't take it personally. It is simply the human genome that is finding the most adaptive form of these mutations for itself. If you are struggling, you're likely to possess less adaptive mutations with regard to psychic abilities. You may be able to find a way to cope with that, or you could choose to cut yourself off from your gifts.
  • Evolution is deliberately stressful. When you are the barer of new genes in the pool, you will inevitably experience stress, because the genes are being tested to see whether they are adaptive or not. It is not a pleasant experience, but there is nothing you can do to alter it, except adapt your attitude.
  • Embrace the experience. It is not your fault. It's only your responsibility how you respond and what you make it mean. You can tell (and write) your own story.
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