Some Counter Measures

Topics on ways to counter this technology
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Some Counter Measures

Post by jjgonz8band » Wed Mar 20, 2019 8:16 pm

Hello everyone my name is John, I have been a Targeted Individual since about 2005. I moved to Phoenix, AZ in 2012, though I was born and raised in San Francisco, CA.

Please visit my blog for weekly updates:

I found the following links to conference calls for Targeted Individuals: ... calls.html

I also found a Broadcasting Network with a host that discusses targeting and targeted Individuals:

https://www.republicbroadcastingarchive ... il-5-2019/

Targeted Individuals should call in!

Another idea: We should start blocking major intersections and highways when we demonstrate, like this:

Image ... ck+highway

If any fascist minded people in their automobiles want to run us over, then we simply lay down a 10-20ft wide layer of Spike strips like this: ... 38072.html

I posted several videos on youtube showing all the countermeasures I have developed throughout the years:

Organized Stalking Protection Video 1:

Organized Stalking Protection Video 2:

How to Tape Up Padlocks:

How to Tape Padlocks When Placed on Hasp:

How to Cut Tape From Taped Padlock on Hasp:

I will be attending the TI rally in Sacramento, California, USA on April 26-27, 2019, we can meet and discuss our experiences and possible countermeasures.

I have NEVER met a real TI, I have met people claiming to be a TI though with enough discussion it becomes apparent they are Perps posing as a TI.

People can email me at:
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Re: Some Counter Measures

Post by jjgonz8band » Sun Mar 24, 2019 10:04 pm

There are other countermeasures that people can try (some of these methods I gleaned from our email list):

Surround yourself with water to protect against microwave weapons intended to cause pain, this may also work to protect oneself from V2K.

It may help to dive deep underwater, try to live underwater.

Another idea would be to build a sufficiently deep underground bunker completed sealed and made from steel.

Go to abandoned deep underground mines and deep caves.

Another idea would be to build a stealth van: ... tealth+van

Stealth vans are fully self contained vessels, this would allow REAL TIs (go home Fake TIs) to drive to an area where the organized stalking is least evident.

In fact, people could drive their vans to isolated areas with no people and no cell service for miles around, NO PEOPLE = NO PERPS. Though, you may still be vulnerable to v2k and microwave attacks. This can be countered by installing thick metal plates (with no gaps) everywhere on the inside surface of the van.

IF you build your stealth van correctly and ensure there are NO tracking devices on or in the van and no tracking devices are carried into the van, then it may be possible to escape v2k and microwave attacks as well. For if the system does not know where you are, then how would they know where to aim their v2k or microwave weapons!

RVs or recreational vehicles can be more comfortable than a stealth van, though they can be more easily identified, are more difficult to maneuver, use more fuel, AND are not stealthy, it may not be possible to park the RV in a city setting for an extended period of time.

Also, it is critical that people obtain an older stealth van or RV manufactured before the introduction of computers and other integrated devices. Most vehicles made before 1984 generally do not have computerized fuel injection or computerized ignition control. The reason I bring this up, is because it has been my experience that most integrated devices, most microchips, most computers appear to have surveillance devices built into them at the level of the semiconductor wafer, making it nearly impossible to remove from the engine. These surveillance devices may also be used to track your vehicle, from cell towers, WiFi networks, and satellites, making it very difficult to escape their net. Not to mention that it is possible to "hack into" vehicle computers remotely, which brings up the possibly of the organized stalking system shutting down your vehicle's engine remotely.

Furthermore, it has been my experience that surveillance and tracking devices appear to be embedded into everyday items made in the last 20-30 years, like books, furniture, eyeglasses, refrigerators, mattresses, radios, cell phones, flat screen TV, DVD/Blu Ray Players, Set Top Boxes like Roku, tablets, laptops, etc. This is yet another reason why one should select an older (before 1984) Stealth van or RV.

It is critical that EVERY object brought into or installed in the Stealth Van or RV be free of surveillance devices, one stray object, a piece of furniture, an appliance with a built in computer, can make it very easy for this Evil system to find you and target you.

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Re: Some Counter Measures

Post by jjgonz8band » Sun Apr 07, 2019 6:43 pm

I was talking to a potential TI over the phone a couple of days ago, he informed me that his vehicle, a Truck, may have suffered damage from the organized stalking system. The TI had to replace his tires on the trunk several times, more than would be necessary under normal conditions. Furthermore, it appeared that the drivetrain of the truck may have been purposefully damaged.

The organized stalking system may try to damage a TI's vehicle so that the TI would have a more difficult time getting to work, may have spend significant amounts of money to repair or replace, eventually if the vehicle does not work the TI may lose his/her job and, if not taken car of, may lead to dangerous vehicular accidents.

I advised the TI to park his truck in a garage and to lock the garage door from the inside he told me that since he lived in a mobile home, he had no covered garage, rather just a car port open so that anyone could get to his truck.

In this case the best countermeasure would be to get a car/truck cover, large enough to cover your vehicle, with a lock, something like this: ... 1960345412

Then once the car/truck cover is on the vehicle put the lock on the car cover and completely tape up the lock, just like this:

and like this

The bottom of the tires may still be exposed AND the underside of the vehicle is still accessible to the public!! SO, you have to cover the underside of your vehicle as well:

1. Lay down a large tarp, with rope holes/grommets where you will park your vehicle, something like this: ... /304287132

2. Roll your vehicle slowly over the tarp, try to position it near the middle of tarp. You may have to run a rope through the corner grommets and tie down the rope, just in case the movement of the vehicle's tires moves the tarp around.

3. Place the car cover on vehicle and then place a padlock on the cover, and completely tape up the lock.

4. Then pull the tarp upwards from under the car, and then use an Adjustable Cable Lock like this: ... le-lockout

(I would get the 15 foot adjustable cable lock)

5. Place a lock on the adjustable cable lock and tape up both the lock and the thermoplastic wire holder.

Now, even IF you don't have a covered garage your vehicle can be completed sealed off from the evil hands of the Perps!

No one can get into your vehicle without ripping apart the tarp and car cover, leaving much evidence behind.
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Re: Some Counter Measures

Post by jjgonz8band » Tue Apr 09, 2019 8:37 pm

Here are other ways to prevent illegal entries while inside a room or dwelling:

Calslock with Key Locking Mechanism: ... 8620143079

Here is the google search: ... bs=p_ord:p

This is ideal for people who rent a house, apartment, or some other type of dwelling. Most of the time renters are not allowed to alter or make permanent changes to the structure. This effectively rules out installing a hasp and padlock since most of the time the hasp must be drilled into the frame of the door and the other part of the hasp drilled into the door itself!

No tools are needed to install this locking mechanism and it is highly portable. You can use this locking device while staying in hotel/motel rooms, visiting others and staying in a room, etc. This device can be used on doors on an RV or trailer, unlike the hasp and padlock. (RVs and Trailer doors are constructed differently from typical wood frame doors in a dwelling.)

Now, what about preventing entries while outside a dwelling? Real TI's can buy a knob lockout device like this: ... 9157489067

To prevent lock picking, wrap the knob lockout device with tape and cover the keyhole multiple times.

This is Ideal for people who rent their housing and are not allowed to make permanent changes to the structure

Some doors have a lever and the knob lock out device won't fit, so you can buy a lock out device for doors with a lever: ... bs=p_ord:p

A drawback of door knobs with a lever is that the lockout device still allows the lever to rotate, so if there is no key hole in the lever people can still get inside.

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Re: Some Counter Measures

Post by jjgonz8band » Thu Apr 11, 2019 5:10 pm

I just read and replied to an email from a potential TI living in Florida. This TI informed me of some other countermeasures that can be used by both renters and buyers.

Many doors have two locks a "deadbolt" lock and a Knob Lock like this:


People can use a "flip guard" deadbolt locking device (and other similar devices) to prevent the deadbolt from turning:

Flip Guard: ... s&tbm=shop

The Lock Locker Bump Proof:

(The Lock Locker is the easiest to install, no tools required)

Arc Link Products Dead Bolt Secure:

This too can be installed without making permanent changes to the dwelling structure.

People can use the Calslock, the Flip Guard, and the knob lock device (on the outside knob or lever) devices or any combination thereof to have multiple protection.

Now, this TI had a problem when it came to garage doors, how does a TI leave a dwelling through the garage, say to take out one's vehicle, and secure one's dwelling?

This is what I advised the TI to do:

1. Leave one of the house doors unlocked.

2. Open garage door, take out vehicle, close garage door with remote.

3. Go into house through the door left unlocked.

4. Go to the garage door opener unplug it from the wall power outlet. Make sure that the manual emergency garage door release is disabled, wrap the rope over the emergency release lever so that it doesn't move and/or somehow lock the garage door from the INSIDE.

People may want to do the following:

5. Leave house through one of your house doors making sure all other house doors leading to the outside are locked from the INSIDE.

6. Lock door with key. Then place a knob or lever lock device on the outside knob or lever of the door you are leaving through. Something like this:

Knob Lock Device: ... 9157489067

Lever Lock Device: ... bs=p_ord:p

7. Wrap the knob or lever lock device with tape many times, covering the key hole many times.

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Re: Some Counter Measures

Post by jjgonz8band » Wed Apr 17, 2019 2:28 pm

Here is a list of all the locking devices I have found:

Hasp for the inside of the door, for doors that open inward:

Image ... 07WWPDLT9/

Hasp to secure the outside of a door, for doors that open inward:

Image ... B07KVTWFT5

The only issue with the 90 degree hasp is that the hinge pin is exposed and could present a security problem. The hasp below has a hidden hinge pin:

Image ... 005EO094O/

For Maximum Protection use the following in combination with each other!

This is one of the few locking devices that can be used when outside the dwelling:

Knob Cap Lock - Wrap with Tape, Cover the Keyhole Many Times ... 9157489067

These locking devices can be used when inside a dwelling:

Nearly Universal Door Locking Devices:

Calslock ... bs=p_ord:p

Knob Cap Lock - Place on knob outside of door, wrap with tape, cover keyhole many times. ... 9157489067

Secure Portable Home & Travel Door Safety Lock


Travelers Security Lock

Quiklock Portable Travel Door Lock

Portable Door Lock

Port a Lock Latch Protector ... 01ATT1CIA/

Locking Devices for Deadbolts:

Flip Guard ... s&tbm=shop

Lock Locker - Quite useful when staying in hotels/motels. ... 00KLRR24O/

Arc Link Products Dead Bolt Secure ... 00A3XQ9YU/

Lok Mate Deadbolt Guard

Super Grip Lock Deadbolt Accessory

Next time we'll explore how to choose electronic devices with a low chance of built in surveillance devices.
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Re: Some Counter Measures

Post by jjgonz8band » Wed May 01, 2019 3:33 pm

As many of us have experienced, the organized stalking system has technology that can monitor us almost anywhere we go. In my case the technology they use most often is Remote Neural Monitoring or Synthetic Telepathy:

Remote Neural Monitoring and the related technology synthetic telepathy is technology that can reconstruct our thoughts by the reception and processing of our brain waves.

It is like the old AM/FM radio in many of our vehicles. If we have the proper antenna and proper radio and we tune the radio properly we can listen to a radio station. Our bodies are like very low power radio stations and if the organized stalking system has the proper antenna, proper radio, and tunes the radio properly they can listen to our thoughts.

The source of the radio waves in our bodies are the nerve cells (axons) that run all throughout our bodies. These nerve cells (axons really) work by moving ions, ions are charged molecules/particles, the movement of charged particles makes up an electric current, and constantly changing electric current flowing through a wire (like our nerve cells) emits electromagnetic waves (radio waves). So our bodies are constantly emitting low power radio waves into the environment.

Since these radio waves are so low power and very low frequency it is difficult to receive them using typical antennas and radios. So, what I think and have some evidence for, is that the system surrounds us with tiny antennas tuned to receive our body radio waves. From my experience, these antennas are in almost every man made object and even in some animals and insects. These antennas appear to be built into most modern electronic devices, in furniture, in refrigerators, in modern automobiles, in air conditioning units, in books, in eyeglasses, in mattresses, in computers, in computer monitors, keyboards, mice, in credit cards, possibly in cash money, car key fobs, etc.

No wonder is it so difficult to escape surveillance, nearly every object we touch has surveillance devices built into them.

So, this is why I am starting to buy older electronic devices that can perform some of the same functions as the new electronic devices. The key idea is to avoid using or buying technology that has integrated circuits (silicon chips, microchips) inside:

Getting rid of electronics with brain wave sensors inside is a start but, not enough, since we would also have to replace nearly all our furniture and do something about our refrigerators.

People may not necessarily have to get rid of useful electronic devices, they can place all electronic devices they wish to keep, like smartphones, laptops, streaming video boxes, etc in thick IRON Pots with a lid. Pure Iron has the right electromagnetic properties to block your brain waves from reaching the electronics inside. You can also put your electronics in your vehicle and park your vehicle far from your residence.

Integrated circuits began to be widely used in commercial electronics beginning in the late 1970s. Hence, electronic devices made before the 1980s have a good chance of not having any integrated circuits inside and hence a good chance of not having any brain wave sensors built in.

Instead of a Smart Phone use a Landline Telephone made between 1960-1980 (the older the better, the most secure are phones without dial pads, the old rotary phones) ... bn_3051812

Instead of a flat screen TV (which has many many brain sensors built in) use a CRT type television built before 1980.

CRT TVs using vacuum Tube technology are the most secure. Here is the difference between a CRT TV set that uses vacuum tubes and a CRT TV that uses transistors (also known as solid state) ... -tube.html

You may be able to find a CRT TV that uses vacuum tube technology on Ebay. (The older the better, you may have to test several CRT TVs until you find one built without brain wave sensors) ... n&_sacat=0

Instead of listening or playing audio files through a smart phone or digital media player use an old cassette tape player walkman (the older the better, you may have to test several portable cassette tape players until you find one built without brain wave sensors) ... s&_sacat=0

Instead of a DVD/Blu Ray/Video Streaming Box use a VCR: (the older the better, you may have to test several before finding one that has no sensors built in) ... itleDesc=0

Unfortunately, nearly all computers I have ever tested, laptops from 1982 to the most recent have sensors built in.

I'll post more ideas on replacing technology later.
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Re: Some Counter Measures

Post by jjgonz8band » Thu May 02, 2019 2:34 pm

There are those who do not believe that it is possible to read people's thoughts, at a distance. There are several publicly acknowledged research projects that can reconstruct brain waves though, the sensors must touch the head.

It is a rumor that the shadow government that really runs the U.S. and the world has technology that is 20-50 years in advance of what we see in public. So, they may have senors that are sensitive enough to read thoughts at a distance from our bodies.

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Re: Some Counter Measures

Post by jjgonz8band » Sun Jul 14, 2019 12:32 am

I haven't posted in a while, I am still working on the 1982 Ford Econoline Van. I managed to remove the engine and now am in the process of rebuilding the engine and cleaning the van.

I was thinking about the technology I am going to place in the van. It had crossed my mind to use more modern electronics, my reason being that if I drive to an area with no cellphone and/or WiFi coverage then the remote neural monitoring sensors in the electronics won't be able to transmit to a suitable receiver.

There is a problem though, it has also been my experience with these sensors that when there is not enough power to transmit and/or are too far away from any receiver antenna, they tend to go into record mode. This means that even though they are unable to send out information about what one is thinking they can still record and often do record. This may imply that when these sensors go back to an area with access to whatever frequency bands and transmission modes, they will send out information about what one was thinking.

This is a problem because when the Van is driven back to an area with cell service or WiFi and/or whatever other frequency and modes of transmission, the sensors will begin to transmit information recorded while the sensor was not able to transmit.

The best way to address remote neural monitoring is to ensure that every object in the vehicle is free of sensors and/or have had the sensors disabled.

On a completely different note, given the current state of the economy and world politics, I believe that it is best for all TI's to begin Prepping:

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Re: Some Counter Measures

Post by jjgonz8band » Mon Jul 15, 2019 10:23 pm

This post isn't about counter measures as much as it is about my theories as to who is a Perp, who is a TI, and who is in between,.....a Hybrid TI.

I have been thinking about how difficult it is to find a "REAL" TI, I have only met 3 Self Proclaimed TI's who appeared to be reasonably authentic. Nearly every other self proclaimed TI I have met, sometimes behaves like a Perp, though not all the time. Also, many of these hybrid TIs claim that they too experience harassment.

At first I thought hybrid TIs were behaving like a "Perp", claiming to have been burned or harassed when, in reality, they experienced no such thing. Yet, Groups and associations of TIs, most of whom are "Hybrid TIs" often have conflicts between themselves. I thought if most of the members in these TI groups are hybrid TIs, then how can they fight amongst themselves?

So, then I thought, what if there are factions of hybrid TIs?

Let's suppose that a hybrid TI started out as a "Pure" TI, with no affiliations to the organized stalking system. So, as the organized stalking system harasses them, they eventually give in and join. Yet, and this important, unbeknownst to the TIs, they actually joined only a faction of the organized stalking system. Hence, they are subject to attack from other hybrid TIs from other factions.

All factions of hybrid TIs can join and attack a "Pure" TI. As "Pure" TIs become more Rare, the Factions fight amongst themselves. Each faction attacking and harassing members of other factions.

This would explain why TI groups often fall apart, because divisions exist not only between hybrid TI and Pure TIs but also between hybrid TIs themselves.

Now, from my own personal experience there are "Pure" Perps, people who harass me nearly continuously. These people must be higher up in the hierarchy of the organized stalking system. They don't belong to any one faction, or better yet they are a part of EVERY Faction, their membership is above and Prior to most factions. Though, they too may be subject to harassment from people, from other factions, at their level.

Also, I believe that the membership in "Pure" Perp is limited and may require more intense initiation ceremonies.

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