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Re: Some Counter Measures

Posted: Thu Aug 01, 2019 9:35 pm
by jjgonz8band
In this post we will discuss window locks. Window locks are nearly as important as door locks, because if the organized stalking system cannot get into your residence through your doors, they will attempt to go through your windows.

Though windows may look as if they can't be opened from the outside, it all too easy to insert a stiff pre-shaped flat piece of metal between the window sash and unlock your windows.

So it is imperative to get good window locks and place them on both sides or top and bottom of every window in your residence: ... 5yc1vZc9c0

Some people may have windows in which it may be difficult to place typical window locks, in that case people may try to get window security bars like this:

These window security bars will work for almost any window.

These window security bars are also useful when staying in hotel or motel rooms, where it is possible for strangers to access your window.

Re: Some Counter Measures

Posted: Sun Aug 04, 2019 10:45 pm
by jjgonz8band
I met with a TI group here in Phoenix today 8/4/19. We discussed many aspects of organized stalking, how to organize as TIs, and other ideas.

We bounced several ideas around and posited the idea that IF we as TIs bought a large tract of land, say several acres in a rural and isolated area, fence off the property, to eliminate Perps, then build a residence with walls designed to resist all forms of harassment, thick PURE Iron walls to resist V2k, Sound absorbing material to resist noise harassment, and an interior free of products with remote neural monitoring sensors.

We could even excavate underground to better shield ourselves.

Another idea would be to drive an RV with no remote neural monitoring senors, or any tracking sensors to place where organized stalking was least evident.

Re: Some Counter Measures

Posted: Tue Aug 20, 2019 9:34 pm
by jjgonz8band
Hello everyone, I am still working on my stealth van, I removed the engine and then removed the heads from the engine. I am currently blasting the dirt off the frame of the van, using a mixture of sodium hydroxide and water, here are some pictures:

Re: Some Counter Measures

Posted: Mon Sep 02, 2019 10:05 pm
by jjgonz8band
I am still in the process of reducing the number of devices with integrated components. It is challenging since so many devices have integrated components and also objects that one wouldn't think would have integrated components actually do, like fans, couches, mattresses, etc.

I have recently replaced my LCD alarm clock with a purely mechanical one, my portable shortwave DSP radio with a purely analog multiband radio. I am selling or in some cases giving away all unnecessary devices.

One method to reduce the ability of the system to monitor you is to minimize the number of objects you have in your residence. Keep only the objects that one cannot live without, or would be difficult to live without, like refrigerator, stove, water heater, vehicle, bed.

Our TI group in Phoenix, AZ meets at Chili's on a semi-regular basis usually on Sundays at 3pm, 513 East Bell Road, Phoenix, AZ.

We will have an activism day the weekend of 9/7/19, I will keep you informed.

John G.

Re: Some Counter Measures

Posted: Mon Sep 02, 2019 10:15 pm
by jjgonz8band
Here is a good book on electromagnetic shielding:
Here is a link where you can buy the book:

Re: Some Counter Measures

Posted: Mon Sep 02, 2019 10:21 pm
by jjgonz8band
For those who believe they are being poisoned you can buy a full NBC suit, with gasmask and filter, for about $83:
Here is the link where you can buy it: ... 3777538992

Re: Some Counter Measures

Posted: Mon Oct 28, 2019 2:00 pm
by jjgonz8band
During that last decade Targeted Individuals who experienced V2k have tried many techniques to lessen or eliminate the ability of the V2k technology to project sounds into their heads.

The results have been marginal at best, though it is possible to reduce the volume of the V2k sounds projected into ones head, through metal shielding, going deep underground, underwater, etc, the V2k never goes away completely.

There are rumors and well founded speculation that the V2k signal utilizes exotic signal transmission physics, other than the typical modulated electromagnetic waves, more specifically they seem to employ longitudinal or scalar electromagnetic waves. ... etic_waves

Longitudinal or scalar electromagnetic waves cannot exist in a vacuum: ... etic-waves

Though longitudinal or scalar waves can exist in plasmas and other confined spaces.

Since scalar waves cannot propagate in a vacuum (which in the articles above is referred to as "free space"), then it might be possible to shield oneself from the V2k signal by completely surrounding oneself with vacuum panels. Vacuum panels are hollow, rectangular cuboids with nearly all the air pumped out from the interior. They are often used for insulation in confined spaces, though we can also use them to shield ourselves from V2k.

People can buy vacuum panels at the following URL: ... endor=1903

My idea would be to build a room with Pure Iron Metal sheets covering the entire interior surfaces. Then glue the vacuum panels onto the exterior surface of the Iron Room, make sure to cover the entire exterior surface of the room with vacuum panels. Now, the organized stalking system may try to focus the V2k signal at the edges between two adjoining vacuum panels so as to pass between the vacuum panels. So, to defeat this, people can glue additional vacuum panels along the edges of the vacuum panels that are glued to the iron room.

IF V2k indeed uses scalar or longitudinal waves, then the approach described above will defeat it.

Re: Some Counter Measures

Posted: Fri Nov 15, 2019 1:06 pm
by jjgonz8band
There are some new products on the market to prevent illegal entries when staying in hotels, AirBnBs, rooms, apartments, and other dwellings:

Silver State Products MYDLOCK:Superior Portable Door Lock ... 07RHQNDP7/

The Door Angel - Anti-Bumping Deadbolt Safety Door Security Lock

Portable Door Lock,Travel Lock,AirBNB Lock,Safety Lock for Travel,Hotel,Home,Apartment ... 07X8ZWMMP/

Travel Portable Door Lock Device for Home Security and Personal Protection ... 07TR25SDC/


Doorricade Door Bar

The following products aren't "new" on the market but are still worth mentioning

Brinks 675-83001 Commercial Door Security Bar ... 00NP0E7SI/

Security Lock Door Brace ... 07D6KDF4Y/

Home Security Door Lock ... 07NVL2K6C/

Re: Some Counter Measures

Posted: Mon Dec 09, 2019 2:20 pm
by jjgonz8band
Even more portable locking devices

Home Safety Door Stopper Portable Gate Lock Office Traveling Hotel Security Tool ... 3427850449

LockPlus™ - Temporary and Portable Door Lock, Add a Secured Lock to Any Door ... 3066315555

Anti-Theft Door Lock Gate Hasp Staple Padlock Clasp Shed Latch Stainless-Steel ... 4085895060

Super Cheap Door Hasps: ... 2700530753

Calslock Modification, etc

Posted: Sat Dec 21, 2019 2:08 pm
by jjgonz8band
I bought a Calslock type portable locking device. After some testing I found that the locking mechanism can release and shift to the point where the door will open. This can occur if someone attempts to open the door when the Calslock device is holding the door closed.

This problem can be addressed by drilling a hole in the portion of the Calslock that grabs onto the door striker plate. When the Calslock is placed on the door and the locking mechanism is slid into place, a small padlock or spiral key holder can be inserted into the hole preventing the locking mechanism from sliding backwards to the point where the door will open.

Here are some pictures