Use what stealth drones use, silicon carbide powder

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Use what stealth drones use, silicon carbide powder

Post by Jimmy_handtricks » Wed Apr 17, 2019 2:42 pm

Hello fellow TI's,

After researching, I've found that silicon carbide powder (which absorbs a wide spectrum of radar and EMF's) is used in the paint of stealth aircraft. It is relatively inexpensive to buy some 800 grit powder and a insecticide bellow duster to dust your hat, head, attic etc. It works, but you'll have to think up a way to best use it. I used a thin piece of MU metal shaped to fit in a hat, then sprayed both sides with hair spray and shook the powder onto it. Then repeat for coverage, then cover with a ziplock bag and keep in between your head and hat.

It has some hazards listed, which is why you should do your own research and be careful regarding breathing it in, skin contact etc. Might be advisable to apply it to something not in direct contact with your skin.

Another big help (100% but temporary) is chelation with EDTA via suppository, as it changes your electronic signature by removing heavy metals from your body that give you a unique RF signature. This means you'll have relief for a couple hours, until they get a new measurement on you. The suppository version is hard to find, but it gets into your blood stream properly, vs taking it orally. I'm sure you can buy the oral version and get creative with how to use it as a suppository. Do your research first.

Regarding the other post about using discharged 9-volt batteries to absorb skin voltage, I have a similar method that might be easier. I bought a cheap 10 dollar TENS unit on Ebay with 6 silicon jelly reusable pads, but the key for me was to not turn the unit on, but leave it off, as it seems to work in reverse when off. I also have a silver fabric head scarf and I place a couple leads inside the fabric facing the fabric. I also place these pads on the limbs where i'm jolted the most, and it does a good job of grounding out the voltage without having to be connected to an earth ground. This is the one I bought : ... 2749.l2649

Also, I'm pretty sure they use GPS to track you. So, figure out what to do there.

Hope this helps..

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Re: Use what stealth drones use, silicon carbide powder

Post by mweber » Fri Apr 19, 2019 8:18 am

Great info! They definitely use GPS to track us and it's sometimes implanted in your teeth via a Crown or Tooth Implant.

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Re: Use what stealth drones use, silicon carbide powder

Post by Jimmy_handtricks » Sun Apr 21, 2019 4:00 pm

You are very welcome! Here is much if the same information, but with added info I posted elsewhere. It might seem redundant, but it is easier to put the whole post here. Radar absorbing really is the ticket, and it's important to cover your temples/ears and line the inside of your head covering.

The electronic targeting is from radar, specifically president Reagan's Star Wars satellites that were never used to blast incoming threats with microwaves, so they decided to blast USA citizens instead. Search radar absorbant materials for your head, and it will greatly help. Things like silicon carbide dust (used in stealth plane paint) or carbon filter media pads for fish tanks. Get a head wrap or hat that covers your ears, place these or combination of these under the head wrap. Regarding the silicon dust... You'll want to contain it in ziplock bags so you don't breathe it.

A neodymium magnet North side facing your heart(use your cell phone compass to determine North) helps when they target your heart rate. I cut the waste band from some gym shorts and used two 1 inch strong magnets sandwiched around it, and wear it around my chest. They say magnets help the blood to align, allowing better flow.

Chelation via suppository route with EDTA. It molecularly removes heavy metals from your body that give you a unique radar signal. Once you do this , you lose the tinnitus for a couple hours, till they get a new reading on you. It also helps unclog calcium plaque (a metal) from your arteries, greatly improving your circulatory health. Do your research, this isn't medical advice, just my findings. ... 0836221007
It needs to get into your blood stream, so either you need to empty half a capsule, add water and inject somehow as a suppository, or get some phlogel ultra which allows medications to pass the skin barrier, directly into your blood stream. Mix some with your favorite lotion and lots of capsules, and use it easily that way. Remember to take vitamins.

EMF fabric only reflects the signals, so they will get in somehow. You need to absorb them.

Look into a signal generator that sweeps, in the 3.6 to 4ghz range (suspected targeting wave-length) to scramble and render their signal useless. It must sweep though, many times a second. Some are really expensive, some are about 200 bucks and hand held with batteries lasting 12 hours or more before recharge. I've contemplated this one, but I have no proof it works, only measurements take from other TI's that confirm the 3.6-4ghz targeting and tracking frequencies.

They track you with GPS in your car.

Get the free CD made by the electrical engineer Dave Case for tinnitus (pay for shipping) it really helps

Edit : For the electrical body shocks, get a cheap tens unit, place the pads on the affected body parts and leave the unit off but connected. It's as if the pads absorb the voltage and sink it into the battery. Using a silicon pad in a strategic location helps when they try to stimulate your nether regions. Some may think this is crazy, but most TI's know what I'm talking about. ... SwXCVcZiUc

Check your blood pressure, if it's bad ask for propanolol. It not only lowers your blood pressure, but helps your body to not be as affected by your fight or flight hormone noradrenaline. It helps you stay calm, without the use of dangerous benzos.

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