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Shielding information

Post by mweber » Thu May 23, 2019 11:16 pm

I have some promising shielding information I want to share with you last. First off, the Flyback or ZVS devices. Yes they work to hide where you are, so say you are moving around in a room where you have one plugged in, they can't easily track you. However, when you are asleep in bed, they know where you sleep, so I have not noticed much help there. I have 4 ZVS units in my house, so like I said, it helps. The nausea is my problem too, and I think I have found something that helps..

I got a signal generator, the RF Explorer, and it helps too, sometimes even at night when I put it under my silver fabric skull cap. It needs to be set to a carrier wave frequecy of 3921mhz give or minus some depending on how it helps to tune the tinnitus out. I use a sweep range of 3600 to 4000mhz, and a sweep step of 5 to 10 mhz allows a fast enough sweep. I've actually been able to tune the tinnitus out at night. but it is more effective when they are also trying to get a new reading on me because of the EDTA i put in some lotion with phlogel.

I've figured they are hitting us with scalar waves, so we need to create more of our own. This is getting expensive. The RF Explorer was 225 bucks, but I also got one on EBAY for under 50 bucks that works nearly as well, buit it is not portable unless you carry a power pack with USB power. This is it ... 0148.m2813

On to what I've found helps quite a bit. A USB powered plasma ball! ... SwM6VcwR50

It creates scalar waves because it has a built in flyback, but i'm really surprised as it is only USB power. Maybe it is the heat generated by it, or the frequency of the active plasma arc trails? I've gone one step further (ok, maybe 3) and I have the damn thing on my hat, plugged in to a portable USB power pack, and it helps a bunch, for only 7 bucks. when I turn it off, the tinnitus immediately goes up from barely noticeable. It also accepts 4 triple a batteries, but I don't have any. I also ordered a plasma belt buckle that i'll keep in my pocket. I never knew they existed, but I'll give it a shot for when I'm outside the house since it is smaller and battery powered.

Even better than the plasma globe is I learned how to wind varius mobius coils with some copper insulated wire I had.. ... ius-coils/

Mobius coils work on Teslas principles, and project scalar waves when they are hit with EMF's. They work best when you put a quartz crystal in the center of them, but even without it they do a great job. Once you wind it, you need to connect the two leads to each other so it's a continuous coil. I wear one under my hat, and I made one I wear over my heart, and the best place since I must have a dental implant was one sized to fit in my mouth like a mouth guard. Sounds crazy, but when you read up on how it works, it makes scientific sense, and it's cheap. You don't have to do the double fold like they show on the website I linked. Just get some speaker wire about 20-30 feet, double it over so one end has each of the cut ends. Hold the looped end in a closed door or have someone hold it with a screwdriver. Then put the two cut ends together in an electric screwdriver, and hold it taught while you spin it clockwise till the angle of the winding is about 45 degrees. It wants to curl up when you remove the drill, so when you wind it, go back and forth a few times to reduce the wires memory. Once done, weave the new cord into a circle of you choice as shown on the website, and connect the two bare wires. Then put a piece of quartz in the middle for better protection (quartz is piezo-electric) and it emits helpful emfs in the presence of the mobius scalar waves. I also tried connecting a tens unit to the mobius leads, which is helpful at times, but you don't need to power it.

I hope this helps!

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