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New working method to stop tinnitus

Posted: Wed Jun 12, 2019 9:45 am
by Jimmy_handtricks
I've come up with some help for the tinnitus that the microwave weapons give targeted individuals. You need to get Dave Case's CD (free from him with paid shipping) here Free CD with donation for Shipping and Handling! | Anti Tinnitus and V2K. I already posted about this, but it isn't really convenient to wear headphones 24/7, whole listening to strange sounding static. I discovered that it works just as well if you use your body as a speaker by taking some cheap headphones and cutting off the ear buds, and finding a way to secure the leads to your body.

You need to play it back on a device not connected to the internet, or able to connect to the internet, since they can use any internet connected device to actually output sounds waves that serve their purposes. So, I'm talking a cheap iPod with no internet abilities, and you'll have to rip the CD to add the mp3's to the device.

When doing this, after about 5 minutes, the system can't sync with you. It's much more convenient that having headphones on 24/7. Also, look for anything in your home attic that resembles a tuning fork, like metal strapping fashioned into a tuning fork. This could be a covertly installed device that can resonate your whole house in a way to give you a heart attack, or increase your heart rate so that your own stress becomes your demise. Just a hunch regarding something I found.

Edit: I'm not sure if anything else played this way through your body helps with the tinnitus, but it works with the anti-tinnitus CD tracks. ... -tinnitus/