[Street Lights] Experienced TIs needed for interview to bypass my requirement overload.

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[Street Lights] Experienced TIs needed for interview to bypass my requirement overload.

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Does anyone have any (reputable) knowledge about why the system sometimes interferes with street lighting infrastructure from its normally-scheduled operations? I've noticed that it has been of a sufficiently advanced nature shown to be speculated as beyond pure-coincidence level. It is that which makes me suspect some sort of intelligent influence on the repeated incidents, at site-specific repeated variability. Otherwise, it may be of a very unfortunate cause, and that of a totally-random variability rate which confounds my observations attempted. This seems to be due to either a program or operator defect, a need for debugging infrastructure on the industrial scale, or an intelligent cause of human or other means, given the AI field advancements known here (and for currently-unknown purposes). To Be Noted:
  • The same sites have been observed in multiple locations and incidents on these nodes to either switch from on-to-off, or off-to-on, depending on circumstances. I can't confirm the correlation at my present stage conditions.
  • The worst incidents have been repeated full-site black-outs triggered during my attempts at gaining featured FOIA documents necessary for my individualized expropriation requirements.
  • I've also observed increased brightness in the total infrastructure according to projected periods of perceived social unrest, as compared to also-observed tension de-escalations corresponding with dimmer infrastructure results on the nodes studied.
Further details to be avoided by myself due to study-time constraints among other considerations. I'd greatly appreciate your courteousness in providing your input, both raw data and testimony welcomed. Will you try to accommodate me by presenting your conclusions as well in a testable form? No worries, if you can't. Again, I thank you in advance, cordially, u/RovingBlackSite ​ Noted Prompt causing this canvassing: https://www.reddit.com/r/Electromagneti ... quency_5g/ submitted by /u/RovingBlackSite
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