Who's behind all the trouble ?

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Who's behind all the trouble ?

Post by zevp4368 » Mon Jan 27, 2020 5:48 am

Lion-Headed Red Dragon
BG Check:
Name: Archangel Samuel, Yaldabaoth or Saklas/Ikhlas
NN: Demiurge/Saturn or Angel of Death
Race: 'Gods Angels' excludes watchers/djinn
Body: Blonde-Haired or Winged Reptilian
Ethnicity: N/A
Religion: All Abrahamic Faiths/Paganism and other occult
Bio: Chosen a certain man named Abraham to do his biddings and manipulated history for its own good.


Whore of Babylon
BG Check:
Name: Ishtar, or better known as Lillth / Other Mythos: Venus or Inanna
NN: Red Whore
Race: Satyrs/Pre-Adamic spirit - Halfbreed
Body: Reptilian Feline Hybrid
Ethnicity: Egyptian/Sumerian
Religion: Gnosticism/Paganism/ Includes any other that doesn't include Abrahams lineage

Offspring = Djinn / Succubus or Incubus or Grey Aliens to conspiracy theorists
Other Mythos include: Demons, Elves, Valykrie, or other hybrid class creatures

Wants to free Azazel and his army of hyper-evolved djinn using hydron-colliders from hell to destroy humanity with the help of pre-adamites and clones etc...
Described fat, ugly or with a fat bum described due to other research resources.
Currently channelling and collecting "Vril Energy" or better known as sexual energy to power up some machine.
Behind blood scarifaces, abduction, mutilation and the PizzaGate. Also highly manipulated ancient texts or documentries for her own use.
Scanned some info-
will be updated soon, just collecting and scanning info- so it makes sense

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