A True Story Of Mind Control And Sexual Slavery

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A True Story Of Mind Control And Sexual Slavery

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How to legitimately turn a grown adult into a sex slave.
  • Chose a victim - it should ideally be someone who doesn't have a healthy relationship to their family and preferably no close friends. The younger the better. But they should be living on their own.
  • Recruit someone else to befriend them before you meet them. This is crucial. You want to go in armed with all the information you possibly can.
  • Have this "friend" spend as much time as possible with the victim. Get the friend to be really nice and make sure the friend can be a good listener. Your victim has not been listened to much and is craving a listening ear. Have the friend do less talking or suggestion making and more listening and validation. Eventually the victim will trust the friend and because they haven't been listened to much before, they will basically spill all their deepest secrets. Make sure this friend takes up as much of the victims time socializing as possible. This can also be the start of isolating the victim from other friends. As the devout listener listens to the victim and starts to give small bits of advice. Maybe the victim had an argument with a different friend. A good response could be "oh, you don't need them anyway". Or "you don't need people like that in your life". The victim will probably be quick to cut them out anyway as they have been desperate to have someone closer in their life anyway as they are always more of a third wheel with their existing friends. Also, make sure this friend pays more attention to sob stories and asks more questions and basically ignores anything positive aside from a quick "right" or "awesome" so that the victim gets in the habit of sharing all the bad things in their life. The victim will begin to focus more and more on the negative things and feel like they are a failure in general. This is because they are desperate for validation and they are receiving more validation for talking about their own failings. You want them to be in a mindset where they feel poorly about themselves.
  • Create an online profile on a dating or hookup site and ask the victim out on a date or for casual sex. Project an image of being the self made man/woman. Make up stories about having a bad background and starting your own business. The victim will begin to relate to you or look up to you. Talk about the football games you go to and your season pass. Talk about all of your vacations. Make yourself sound like the king of the universe. But do your best to disguise your bragging. You're just talking about your life afterall. It's not your fault everything in your life is awesome.
  • Begin dating the victim. If the victim ever asks for practical advice on how you got to where they think you are, just tell them to believe in themselves or other empty platitudes. Tell them to stop focusing on the negative and think positive. But don't give any practical advice. You want them to feel like it's self explanatory and there is something wrong with them for not just getting it. You want them to clamor after your wisdom without really giving it. Their high impression of you, their teased out low self esteem and their desire to be like you will become the glue that makes them want to be with you. Make sure to keep true details about yourself hidden. If they do want to meet your friends, just get some people to stage being your friends. Or maybe make some friends you don't really need in advance so they can think they're your friends. The friends are basically props.
  • Now that the victim has been lightly broken down and is on the hook, you can slowly begin the abuse. Start with a simple argument. Pretend to take something they say personally when they didn't mean it that way. If you can get them to switch to your point of view and apologize, you know the glue is working. Hold it against them too. But be a bit subtle. Also, slowly show less and less affection unless they are putting out. And make sure to have sex with them after arguments that aren't quite over. Make sure to keep this up. You want them using sex to solve problems and feel better as much as possible.
  • Begin the abusive relationship cycle. Start acting moody and like you are having problems. Invent stressors from your job. Say things like "everyone wants to bother me all the time and I just want to be alone". Make them feel bad for you. And also start randomly finding fault with them for minor things like being 5 minutes late. But make them apologize for it. Stress them out with it though. You want to increase the feelings that they have that they are the ones who are failing. Question their commitment to the relationship. Accuse them of being the ones causing drama.
  • Once they feel like they are failing, begin to tell them you are spending a bit of time with your ex once in a while. You're just trying to get closure. But it will make them worry about losing you. Maybe explode at them once in a while but blame the ex for being the one causing you stress.
  • Begin disrupting their sleep. Do things like call them or have them call you in the evening. But then bring some upset into the conversation and then say you just can't deal with this right now and hang up the phone. Make sure they have no closure on the argument and end up having a restless night.
  • Start slipping drugs into their drinks or food. Slowly increase the doses. Ideally you would want to aim for some sort of amphetamine. Make sure to do this in the evenings. Anything that will disrupt their quality of sleep. Amphetamines and stress go a long way.
  • Start being rougher in the bedroom. Convince them they like it. "Oh you're so hard." if they're male or "Oh you're so wet" if they're female. So basically start to sexually abuse them slightly while showing appreciation for what they will do for you. Get them to share any dirty fantasies they have. The help them live the fantasies but take it a bit too far once in a while and if they complain you can always say that you were just giving them what you thought they wanted. But don't fully apologize so that they don't get complete closure and maybe bring up issues once in a while. When they bring up issues say things like "you always want to rehash old stuff just drop it already we already talked about it".
  • Make them sexually frustrated. Keep offering sex but withhold it a little bit. Maybe you're tired and not in the mood. Whatever excuse. Maybe you don't have time. But tease them so they get frustrated. They will also share more sexual fantasies and sex talk so you can keep those messages to show that they are sexually devious (you've convinced them they like more and more crazy stuff lately anyway).
  • They will probably share some frustrations with the friend from step one. Have that friend softly invalidate their concerns by saying things like "everyone gets moody sometimes" or "relationships take work, just keep trying". Or encourage drinking or drug use to encourage unhealthy ways of dealing with problems.
  • Keep withholding sex. Victims who grew up in shitty conditions usually use sex to manage their emotional problems. Stressing them out and making them horny will basically make it impossible not to cheat. At the same time, commend them on their honesty and intelligence frequently. You want to bring out those traits.
  • They will cheat. It's impossible for them not to. Stress and the existing habit of using sex to solve emotional problems along with you disappearing once in a while to leave them dry and withholding sex will make them cheat. Plus they have been slowly made to feel helpless and make helpless decisions. Wait until they admit they cheated, after all they're honest aren't they? And then get mad that they cheated and ghost them. Give it maybe a month or two. Just ignore their messages.
  • Keep tabs on them through the person you previously set up as their only friend. Wait until they are down. That friend will give you updates of course. When they are totally down, maybe when they're stressed at work and totally out of it, message them and get back together. This will cement the relationship. You will suddenly be the only good thing in their life. When everything seemed down, they were suddenly back. They will be elated. Their amphetamine comedown will be about over by then as well so now you can start getting them high again and their subconscious will now much more clearly associate your presence with the addictive high.
  • Have a really good time for a bit. Give it a month or two. And then suddenly catch them off guard. Rape the living fuck out of them. Make sure it does some lasting damage so that even if they do leave you, along with the existing helpless feelings, they will be forced to think about you when they feel parts of their own body. Ensure that when you rape them they initially agreed to the sex. This will also confuse them. They might not even think of it as rape initially. They will only go to the one friend you set them up with for help anyway. If they call that friend after the incident, make sure that friend doesn't pickup the phone or answer texts. You want them to be completely alone with it and trapped inside the helpless mindset you created. They probably won't even go to the doctor about it because they're afraid of losing you.
  • Have their only friend cut them off completely shortly after the rape. Maybe that only friend will blame them for being too emotional or whatever else that makes it feel like it's their fault. Make sure their only friend invalidates their feelings about being raped. But in a subtle way. "Hey, I guess you overdid it and went a bit too far, you should probably talk to him about it." When those statements piss them off the friend can tell them to leave and stop answering messages and calls. Now you just wait for them to come crawling back to you.
  • Now they come back. Keep them on the hook. Don't give them closure. They haven't been sleeping. They haven't been eating much. Try to sound apologetic but don't admit fault. You were just trying to give them what they wanted. So on and so forth. In the midst of all the confusion, heartbreak and shame, start being very abusive now. Not physically you don't want to leave marks but mentally. Randomly put them down. Randomly hurt their feelings. Cause more fights. And when they want to leave, tell them you love them. You haven't used the word love much and they are desperate to hear those words. Force them to admit they're not mad about the rape. It's really easy. They're totally fucking out of it, have probably started fucking up at work. Don't have much going for them. Just be mean when they start to cause problems and be nice when they don't. Get them used to being beaten down and not being psychologically capable.
  • Don't ever let them completely give up though. You want to tire them out. So when they give up and say they give up, start a new argument. When they want to make you stop tormenting them, give in for a bit and give them a mild reprieve just to start tormenting them again.
  • Once they are used to putting up with all kinds of shit (based on their childhood they already put up with tons of this stuff) just dump them. But don't even tell them. Just ghost them out of your life completely. Make sure their only friend does the same. They will be left with no one.
  • Leave the poor thing alone for a while. They won't really recover on their own. They might try to go back to previous friends who were probably bad friends anyway and who will be much less supportive since the victim is only now talking to them because they need help and was ignoring them before.
  • After 5 months or so, bring in someone else to finish it off. Have them befriend the victim and start a new relationship. But make sure the relationship fails. It could be a really loving relationship. But any time the existing triggers from rape trauma or trust issues arises, have the new mate confront them about it in a way that makes the victim feel like a failure. Make the new partner seem like they genuinely want a relationship with the victim but it just can't work. Have them dump the victim and tell the victim in the most polite way possible that the victim is a great person but needs to get some counselling or something. You want the victim to feel like they aren't capable of having a normal relationship anymore. The victim probably wants to have a lot of sex too and is most likely dealing with the trauma and regret with more and more depraved sexual acts as that and substances are basically their only coping mechanism. Have the new partner also tell them that they're just too sick that way and they don't want that in their lives.
  • As soon as they get dumped by the new partner, show back up. Apologise for the problems. Don't admit anything but say you want to get back together and talk. When you do get back together for a conversation in person, start to hint a little bit so they know damn well what you did. But they will sound crazy to law enforcement. Maybe bring up the fact that you were at the club with your friend (the friend from step one) and mention the first and last name. If they look at you shocked just smile and say something like "oh, do you know them too?" But say it in a snyde tone. Maybe once they calm down from that shock and start to get suspicious mention your other friends first and last name. Once you have made it clear that you have been fucking with their life and they are upset they will probably go to the cops. But with no evidence and a wild story along with the fact that you have endless embarassing text messages from them, they won't really get far. The cops will probably essentially gaslight for you because they aren't that bright and the victim will already sound crazy.
  • Happily go on with your life. The victim will probably try to talk to you for evidence or closure. Don't give them any. Mostly ignore them. Maybe say hi once in a while to taunt them. They're going to be really fucked up at this point.
  • Hook them up with someone else. A new relationship. Have this person be the ideal partner for like a year. But make sure they act like they don't believe the victim. Have them be loving in any other way but say they can't quite believe the victim. Then repeat the whole process with one or two more guys. Make sure to keep invalidating the victim. Make sure to add more toxic friends into their life. Just fuck with them in any way possible. More rape trauma. More abuse.
  • Keep this going until the stress makes them unemployable. Keep this going until they're at risk of homelessness. Maybe even make them end up renting a room from someone who is in on it so that even their home life ends up slightly fucked.
  • When they can't take it anymore and are aware of all the stress and just want to give up on life, offer them that reprieve. Tempt them with it. Encourage them to move in with you. Give them a break. And then when they have nothing at all and no hope, start raping them on the regular. And keep forcing them over and over to admit they liked it. That they want more. If they don't comply just kick them out. They will come crawling back. But for them to have the roof over their head they have to admit they like it. Never say this directly. Ever. Just say that maybe it isn't working out when they complain. Then praise them when they out up with the rape. When they are completely destroyed they might even end up in the mental hospital now and then. That works in your favor. It discredits them.
  • When they can't handle it anymore, have someone less abusive scoop them up and keep them as a sex slave. Make it clear without saying it that if they don't put up with the abuse they have to go back to the worse option. Make degrading videos of them online. Force them to do disgusting and depraved things on video. Make sure their social media shows what a depraved freak they are. They will most likely spend the rest of their life in the less abusive situation accepting the scraps of mercy and the reprieve it gives them. Compared to the other options this seems easy. Plus they will have no hopes for the future, the internet will know they are depraved. They are too mentally broken down to be employable. Keep forcing them to admit they love their new master. That they are helpless without master. Repetition, repetition, repetition.
  • Sell and profit from your brainwashed slave. Either sell them to a total psycho or whore them out to sadists once their psyche is so fucked that they no longer care if they live or die and they've been conditioned to accept that they are helpless.
  • Repeat as often as possible and make millions.
I hate to say it but shit like this happens all the time. I just want to raise awareness. submitted by /u/purifiedevil
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